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Who we are

We will find a property deal for you

A trusted & dedicated team of specialists, passionate about helping you achieve your property goals.

Smart Property Sourcing is headed by David Smart, who has been sourcing properties and portfolio building in Scotland for clients worldwide since 2020. David’s experience in the Scottish property market spans over 10 years having bought and sold property throughout the years and is currently still investing and developing in Scotland. David has built up a great reputation within the Scottish property sector and has gained significant credibility through the dozens of successfully sourced deals for clients and the key component, client relationships. David prides himself on client relationships and that is shown by the number of returning clients. Having sourced properties for dozens of clients over the years, David has built a reliable and dependable business that welcomes eager and determined investors from all over the world.

Smart Property Sourcing are proud to say that as well as having many clients based in the UK, we also have a number of overseas clients that have put their faith in David and the team to deliver solid buy to let investment properties to match their criteria. Again, relationships are a massive part of what we do and the trust, confidence and faith shown by our clients, particularly those overseas cannot be underestimated.

The service we offer our clients is unlike anyone else. We are proud to be one of the only property sourcing companies in Scotland to offer a Source, Renovate & Manage structure. As a client of ours, you are totally covered on all fronts. We will source the property to match your specific criteria, we will then utilise our team of tradesmen to renovate the property to a high standard whether that be a major or minor refurbishment and finally manage the property through our Letting Management Company Smart Property Let’s. This allows our clients to be totally hands off and keeps everything under the one roof. No outsourcing.

As a client of Smart Property Sourcing, you can be assured that we will go the extra mile for you and you have a trusted and dedicated team to help you achieve your property goals.

How We Work

At Smart Property Sourcing, we specialise in off market property sourcing. While others are viewing multiple properties on the market, competing against numerous other determined buyers and paying thousands over the home report, we are 100% direct to the sellers and negotiating the best deals for our clients. There is no denying the current market is a seller’s market. The demand is far outweighing the supply at the minute and first time buyers, experienced buyers and investors are paying 10-20% over home report. We never present a property to an investor that is over market value.

Onboarding Process

How we work

Purchasing Process


Pre due diligence

We always do some research before attending the viewing. This gives us a good indication of the values we can expect in that particular area.


This is key in building trust with the seller and securing the best deal possible for buyer and seller. We take dozens of photos, videos and gather as much information as possible from the seller.


Further due diligence

We now go into much more depth with our due diligence process. We gather comparables for selling and renting and look at previously sold properties in the area that are like for like to gather the current value and end values and of course that all important rental value. We are not afraid to reach out to local estate and letting agents for advice, utilising our large network and will do as much research as possible for the buyer to make an informed decision.

Secure the deal

We negotiate the best price possible for the buyer while also making sure the seller is happy to proceed.


The deal is presented to you. We include all figures in relation to the deal, photos, videos, comparable research and information about the area.


If you decide the deal is for you, your solicitor will submit the formal offer. We are happy to provide use of our own solicitor if you so wish. Half of our sourcing fee is paid at this point.


Any surveys can be instructed at this point and the conveyancing process can now begin.


The best part. You or ourselves will pick up the keys. The second half of the sourcing fee is now paid and we move onto the renovation stage if you so wish us to be involved at that stage.

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Over the past 2 years, We have sourced dozens of properties for overseas investors in countries such as Hong Kong, China, Dubai & Holland to name a few. We are proud to say our overseas clients are regular returning customers and we have built extremely successful relationships based on trust, reliability and professionalism.

We understand the needs of overseas investors and also understand that the likelihood of the client ever physically visiting the property is low. That’s why we take pride in making sure we offer a high quality, totally transparent service that allows the investor to make an informed decision on every property. From our viewing, research and due diligence to sending dozens of photos, videos and area information and finally making sure we are negotiating the best price possible for our clients.

We are excited to have already introduced some of our overseas clients to our Source, Renovate, Manage structure and look forward to growing their portfolio in the coming years..

Hong Kong Property Investors


We are proud to be one of the only property sourcing companies that can offer an all in one service. We will source you a property that matches your criteria. We will instruct out team of tradesmen to renovate the property and finally, we can manage the property through our sister company Smart Property Let’s. There is no outsourcing and everything is kept under one roof! Should you have your own preferred management agency that is no problem, we are of course still happy to source properties for you.

This option is great for investors who are looking to be as hands off as possible, as well as overseas investors. We have built this based on the dozens of clients we have worked with over the past two years. We found the two biggest obstacles that held them back from investing in property was not having a team to undertake the renovations however big or small and not having a trusted letting agency they could utilise for management. We are proud of what we have built and are already welcoming clients into the source, renovate & manage structure.



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